âpp.com, what is the point ?

Initially, âpp was an experimentation of the new technologie node.js. The idea was to lauch numerous web services in order to experiment the node.js potential into a big project. However those services were “power users only”.

Nevertheless, since there were no quality alternatives into these categories of services such as the file hosting (where the HTML5 and Javascript technologies bring hundreds of new possibilities of developpment currently underutilized into the competing services, often because of the compatibility) and after some problems with our favorite pictures hosting service, we decided to evolve our own services.

âpp is originally a research project, initiated by Arnaud Lefort (professional web developper) and Nicolas Chagnet (young web developper), totally volunteer and realised on our free time. Since the begining, we chose to develop it with our bare hands, without using any frameworks (which is pretty didactic).
Nonetheless, a few weeks after we launched the service, we decided to create our own framework in order to simplify the developpment while keeping the learning side of the project. That is how appJS was born.


With âpp, we have opted to produce services completely free, without any advertising or other tracking system. App is not intended to earn money to its authors, or spy on their visitors. We only want to produce high quality services while using the web technologies.

All the web services we produce are free software conceived with web technologies. If you wish to contribute or even just see it, you can contact us.

Upload files

What are the supported file formats ?
  • Pictures
    • jpg,jpeg
    • png,apng
    • gif
    • webp
    • svg
    • pdf
    • psd
    • ai
  • Archives
    • zip
    • rar
    • gz,gzip,tgz
    • bz2,tbz2,tbz,tb2
  • Others
    • ogg
    • ogv
    • webm

Paste and upload some code

All the code hosted in the service are accessible by anyone and can be indexed by search engines.

Generate passwords

The password generator is based upon PwdHash technologie. We cannot know what passwords are generated.

Shorten URL

URLs generated can be accessed by anyone and can be indexed by the search engines. As we consider that an URL as to be valid forever, we do not offer any expiration date.

The « expiration time » function

We offer in some of our services, such as the file hosting or code hosting, to set an expiration date to the content you send. Once we pass the date, you contents will be automatically deleted.

Beware ! The expiration dates are given for information only. The files are deleted from our server only when the site is in maintenance phase which happens every day. If you only give an hour of life to your file, it will only be deleted during the next maintenance phase which can be several hours later.

The tag function

Some of our services also offer you to tag your files with keywords which will help you to find them back later. Beware though, the keywords can be accessed by anyone so if you use a common keyword, some people might find your files.

Contact us

You can contact us at the following addresses/places.


We do not keep any traceof the connections of our users, even for statistics. The only informations we might have about you are the ones you give us when creating an account or when you use one of our service.

We use cookies which stock on your computer informations wich will allow us to log you in (only when you use the « remember me » function), but also for security to protect our site against the CSRF. However, as we said earlier, these informations will not be used to track you. The cookies might also be used to remember your preferences in some of our services.

When signing up here, we will ask you some private data such as your mail address. We will not give those informations to any company (advertising, spam). These informations are asked only to allow some services to work (« Forgot my password » for example).

The files, code and URLs you share on our services are public and can be indexed by search engines. We offer you to keep the control of your contents by creating an account which will allow you to delete them.

Report an abusive, explicit or illegal content

If you see any abusive, explicit or illegal content, please contact us .